At WillnAbove, we pride ourselves on being an invaluable resource for independence designers. There’s a 50 pcs minimum requirement for this service.Our in house capabilities caters big and small volume production, with a high end apparel focus. All pieces are cut and sewn in our vertically integrated facilities, by year-round-full-time employees, allowing the highest level of quality to be found.

Our production team specializes in both small and large quantities. This lends itself to multinational companies that requires customize uniform for staffs or brands seeking runs for publicity or up front inventory for start up sales. All garments are sewn by highly- skilled sample production sewers capable of all garment categories, with special handling. Most of our in house team have worked together for many years and all regard their sewing as their craft, taking each project into special consideration.

All production is contracted with quick turnaround time 4-8 weeks with rush deliveries available in as little as 1-4 weeks with a rush fees applied. All production projects are managed by our project manager daily and go through intensive quality control checks.